When he accepted the task to build GWN's website in 2015, Fred Joyet expected to be involved for six months. Four years later, he's still on the job and now he's been recognised for his huge contribution to our work.

On 8 September, Fred was named the winner of the Collaboration Award and the Supreme Award at the Ministry of Justice's Chief Executive's awards for 2019. The prizes acknowledge his ongoing work with GWN to create, support and improve GWN's website since 2015 – as well as providing input for the Employee Led Networks website

As GWN's much-valued and trusted development partner, Fred gives his time and expertise to ensure we reach our audience effectively and makes sure the GWN site runs smoothly. He was instrumental in helping GWN change from its original hard-coded website to a CMS platform with a fresher look and feel. His skills with the platform and deep knowledge of the structure and content of the existing GWN website meant this happened quickly, easily and seamlessly.

I'm proud to see my work having a positive impact for GWN and that I was able to make it easier for them to do their work.

“Moving the website to the cloud was definitively a fantastic achievement for all of us, and is much better suited to GWN and how their team works. I really appreciate working with GWN and that they value my ideas or improvements for the GWN website. I'm proud to see my work having a positive impact for GWN and that I was able to make it easier for them to do their work,” Fred said.

GWN is extremely grateful for Fred’s dedication and long-term involvement as well as the support provided by Tina Wakefield (former Chair of GWN's Governance Group). Tina also recognised his contribution, saying, “Fred is the embodiment of what it means to be an ally and sets a standard of supporting others that is something to aspire to.”

Many cross-government initiatives suffer from high staff turnover and loss of institutional knowledge, but thanks to Fred’s continued support, GWN's online presence has grown to become a critical channel for reaching our audiences. The value of his contribution to GWN’s success can't be overstated and we're so pleased that Fred's good work has been publicly acknowledged and celebrated.


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