27 July, 2021
Online via Teams

The meeting opened with a karakia.

GWN's Programme Director invited all reps to the next breakfast meeting at Te Kawa Mataaho on 8th September.  

An update was provided about the GWN Steering Committee EOI process. Thirty-nine applications were received from applicants with diverse interests, ethnicities, skills, experiences, and agencies. Long-listing is underway after which interviews will be held. There are two panels: one for selecting the Chair and Deputy Chair, and the second one for selecting panel members.  

On 14 September, GWN will hold a celebratory event to welcome new Steering Committee members and farewell the Committee. All GWN Reps will be invited. 

On 29 July, GWN will hold our final event with Elizabeth McNaughton from Hummingly on Wellbeing and Resilience.

The Gender Pay Gap and Taskforce are currently supporting agencies with the Gender Action Plans to close the gender pay gap. The Taskforce wants to make sure that GWN networks/reps are consulted for their input. This offers a good opportunity for reps to get in touch with people tasked to do that in their own agency. The Taskforce is keen to have feedback from five agency Reps on their process around action plans. Eileen Duddy (MOH) and Katie Thomas (IR) have volunteered.  

Finally, ACC is keen to know how to help frontline staff to get involved in networks. Please get in touch with Clare from ACC.  

Reports from agency Reps

DIA – Julie Watson (Chair) and Georgina attended. They noted that managing the network has been a struggle alongside day to day work. The network sent out a call for new members, looking to refresh the work programme and plans to do an unconscious bias programme. They asked for suggestions for facilitators. 

IR – (from Katie Thomas) The IR network is running Tūhono Wahine sessions on a monthly basis and have brought in external speakers and women from the frontline staff. The network is keen to open the September Global Women’s Network event to a wider audience and they will circulate info via GWN. Katie is leaving Inland Revenue in October and is working with the Committee to try and support Tanya with leads.  

NZ Police – (from Yvette Mckelvie) Yvette noted that NZ Police have a paid position-Senior Advisor Women’s Development and Diversity to lead this work. It was identified as a challenge to have people undertaking this work in voluntary capacity,  so a business case was put forward to have a paid role. The network is focussing on three priority issues – leadership, retention of staff, and inclusive culture. The Women's Advisory Network (WAN) is also resetting its strategy. The network is interested in exploring a mentoring programme; LINZ, DIA, MPI and MBIE have mentoring programmes and offered to connect. Treasury regularly run regular speed mentoring events and can also share information about that.

MOH – (from Eileen Duddy) Eileen introduced Joanne Whister who is leading their mentoring initiative. It has been quiet as they set up sub committees for comms and engagement, events. The network is organising a hui with all other networks in Health and will have a workshop on where and how to collaborate. Updates from the hui will be shared at the next Reps meeting. 

Education – (from Beverley Short) Beverley is the new rep and they are currently looking for a new sponsor after losing their sponsor.  

Treasury – (from Jenna and Kirsten) The Treasury Women’s Network, Te Aka Wāhine o Te Tai Ōhanga, organised a very successful panel discussion with trailblazing women which was very successful and included the Rt Hon Dame Patsy Reddy, Suzanne Snively ONZM DNZM, Professor Gail Pacheco, and Dr Kathie Irwin on 26 July. They are planning the next year with plans for a speed mentoring event, and a talk on Māori leadership. The network has had changeovers and is in the process of refreshing the working group. The network has found a sponsor which has enabled them to have a budget. The CE has lent a lot of support which makes it much smoother to operate and thrive.  

Customs – (from Roberta Bosman) Customs has formed a national women’s network with committees from Northern, Central and Southern. The Auckland branch is very active. Central are refreshing their committee and looking for co-Chairs. They expect to be able to provide more detail at the next GWN get together.  

MOJ – (from Sarah Bishop) The network has had a quiet period with members being pulled into different workstreams. They have a co-Chair model and have elected a new Chair. They are holding a planning day on 28 July with attendance from the regions. The network will hold a Sorted investment workshop and an emotional resilience workshop. Sarah asked for suggestions on how to make speaker sessions more remote inclusive. 

FENZ – (from Renee Potae standing in for Rachael) The network is making good progress and continuing to support the organisation's focus on having a more positive work culture. A business case is being put forward to get more paid positions for the WIFENZ network in the regions. A plan to hold regional women’s forums has finally been realised in the new financial year. The organisation is undergoing a restructure and the network is pleased to see that women will hold three permanent roles in middle management for the first time ever. Renee will also share information from the Reps on mentoring programmes with the network. 

LINZ – (from Brittany Goodwin) The network organised a talk on women’s leadership with 150 people online and in person. Plan to have a joint panel with Stats NZ women in technical areas. The network is all volunteer driven. 

MFE – (from Jac Lues) Jac noted that MFE had applied for the gender tick but didn’t meet the mark because of its parental leave policy, but the agency is the first in public sector to be considered, which is positive progress. MFE is also currently a finalist in inclusive workplace category in Diversity Works awards. Jac invited agency reps to connect with MFE reps on flexible working and gender pay gap given that the agency has made considerable progress. The network plans to launch a survey to get input on strategic priorities. 

MPI – (from Leila Nicholson) Leila said the network is comprised of all active volunteers. The network was currently running a raffle fundraiser and bake sale for Women’s Refuge, and had raised $2000 this far. The women's network is connecting with other MPI networks and looking to do a joint acitivity for Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori. The network was consulted by its SLT sponsor about things MPI might be able to provide in lieu of recent pay restraint measures. Currently, the network connects with members via Yammer and hold monthly lunch and learn sessions for in house staff. MPI also records online sessions for people to view later if they can't make it. GWN has connected the network to speakers and will try and open these sessions to a larger audience. Finally, the network sends out a questionnaire annually for members and refers back to that to ensure that these activities deliver on the network's strategy.  

MBIE (from Tricia Simpson) Tricia is incoming Chair. The network is now called Arahanga Wāhine and Tricia noted that a Women of Colour network is forming. They held a celebration for their outgoing network committee. Arahanga Wāhine's committee has gone up from five to 20 members and the network has more than 700 members. Most events are held via Zoom/Teams. A successful mentor programme has been established and the network was happy to share what has been done with other Reps. The network recently held a menopause workshop and offered to connect those who are interested with the speaker. Research was conducted into creating a wellness room and following that, now will have separate prayer room, wellness room and parental rooms. Vinh Ngyuen was introduced as the new Vice Chair who said she looked forward to the WOC network being established. Tricia also noted that MBIE allows employees to work two hours per week on network activities.

MSD (from Erin Hole) The network is organising an event with Kaila Colbin, Co-founder of Boma Global on increasing courage as a core competency, positive reinforcement to work through change, and improving communication. GWN has the event details on the website and will share in the newsletter. A mentoring event is being planned called 'Mentoring on the Couch'. Erin is happy to be contacted for information on that event. MSD are also sponsoring attendees for Southern Summit. 


The meeting concluded with a welcome to all new members, shout out to the Te Aka Wāhine o Te Tai Ōhanga for their wonderful event and a reminder for the breakfast meeting on 8 September. 

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