Networks' Report Summary

11 February, 2021

Year beginning, introduction to Carin as Programme Director GWN.

Responses from the reps sought on the one thing the network achieved in 2020 and what is in the pipeline for 2021. Carin also thanked Natalija (MBIE) and Hanna (Treasury) for putting up their hand to be facilitators for the concurrent session and also thanked everyone else who volunteered.

Action points 

Five volunteer spots are available for the Wellington Summit. Previously, the opportunity has been given to those who have never attended or with agency financial constraints. The volunteers can be Reps or someone from the network. Anyone volunteering will need their Manager’s approval for the whole day. Volunteer duties involve ushering, assisting between sessions, tasks from the event organiser. In between, volunteers may be able to attend sessions. Please let GWN know by Thursday, 18 February.

GWN encourages more suggestions/ideas for topics or speakers for the Summits in Auckland and Christchurch. 

GWN will aim to hold a Network Reps event in April with a speaker. Suggestions for the speaker are requested from Reps.

Reports from agency Reps

MSD – The network continued to meet via Zoom during lockdown, formal group, finalising strategic plan into action plan for 2021. Anne Hawker chaired the women’s mentoring group, launched Pacific women’s mentoring programme across MSD.

IRD – wāhine connecting sessions done consistently. Inspirational speaker invited. Surveyed members. 25% members came up with great idea. These are being used to create strategic and action plans. Secured funding for each of the Summits (15 across each location of Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch). Inviting all genders.

DIA – Kept the group going. Had 3 events-pay equity, unconscious bias, Christmas market at DIA. Working to strengthen the Auckland base networks and encourage them to meet. Topics to discuss this year include how to deal with menstrual cycle, how do I menopause and still work, deal with cancer, have deeper conversations with one another. That’s the focus. Plan to establish mentoring group as detailed in the email to GWN. Had questions for the group on how to record these deeply personal conversations and invited suggestions.

LINZ – panel on leading successfully organised. Annual celebration. 

NZ Police – NZP appointed Tania Kura to the role of Deputy Commissioner. Sits on the Governance group. New TORs, strategic direction. Approached the Executive to get sign off on 3 goals. 2021- aim to connect better, be inclusive, set aside money to get120 tickets for the summits. Attend breakfast at Parliament, livestream Justice breakfast, #choose to challenge. 

MBIE – Rebranded women’s network. Aranga wāhine. Had a launch event. Included tikanga. Started with 250 members, now up to 600 members. Surveyed parents’ room in Govt. agencies across WLG, released report. Resilience event was successfully organised in February 2021. Organising a CE panel event at MBIE in March. More men  are keen to engage. Can we have champion or sponsor the event? Possible themes – skill building, connection to leadership programmes, personal lessons and challenges, setting boundaries for interaction, networking opportunities, carve out pathways for younger female leaders, 

MOJ – Successful panel about flexible working. Used Slido which increased engagement. 2021 working with Corrections and Police to do a joint IWD breakfast. Panel of speakers. Speed mentoring for people with leaders.

MSD – haven’t been able to hold events. Organising 2021 IWD, have more events, boost numbers.

MOH – really good wāhine connect event about mentoring which had 170 women join. The outcome was that subsequently invited to a lot of events. The Network is excited about 16th March MBIE event. They have secured 10 places to go to the Summit. Met with HR for pay equity action plan and flexible working plan.

Corrections – Utilise Zoom and Teams meetings. Online workshop on resilience to thrive and not just survive. Increasing the reach of the newsletter. For IWD 12 March Justice precinct Min. Poto has accepted to be a Speaker. Looking to organise diverse panels with a mix of in person and online. 10 in Southern Region to attend the Wellington summit. 50 women to attend the SGWN summit.

MPI – continued having online engagement during COVID. In 2021 looking to do a breakfast thing and increasing allies. 

Dept of Conservation – Good start to 2021, increased numbers of members, align events for women’s’ strategy, work with dress for Success. Will share the information with GWN.

Fire and Emergency – Able to bring in women’s voices. Parental guidelines for women and men developed. Sanitary products are available on vehicles. 

ACC – Review of the parents' room. Got 13/14 on the score. Looking to continue the work across the buildings. Respected inclusive work place policy. 

CARN – Conference in Parliament on 25th and 26th March. Undertaken rebranding of network and governance structures. In 2021 looking to connect with Rainbow networks across agencies, consolidate the reach, further connect the smaller agencies.


Closing remarks from GWN Programme Director, Carin Sundstedt 

It’s encouraging to hear that a lot of networks are using surveys and ways to ensure they are meeting members’ needs. Good to hear that many use a strategic plans to guide them. A strong focus remains on supporting our colleagues in the regions and really great to hear about cross-agency events being organised by a number of networks.

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GWN's focus this year: Men as Allies, Maori and Pasifika and Wellbeing/resilience and mentoring (AGWN), and the first ever Southern Summit in Christchurch (SGWN).

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