10 June, 2021
Kanteen, Wellington, 8-9:15 am

Several themes emerged from this catchup with reps. These included: menopause, mentoring community of practice resources (with updates on GWN's mentoring trial), and men as allies.

Reps also suggested we try to do a few more virtual catch ups and and try lunchtime meetings.

Reports from agency Reps

MPI – Leila informed that the network was continuing with 30 minute Lunch and Learn sessions which brought in speakers from MPI virtually for all networks on topics of interest. They have also piloted a shadowing initiative with their Network empowerment champion to learn from other networks. The network was keen to hear about ideas on shadowing, how to connect with frontline, regional and shift workers. Leila sought suggestions on how to gain internal recognition for committee work and also how to access internal funding and support.

NZ Police – (from Erin Hurtley) The Police Women’s Network organised an awards event at Parliament on 4th June which was hosted by Louisa Wall. This ceremony brought together 100 women and recognised community work, practitioners and was a group event.

In another major development, Erin shared that the governance group is now chaired by Prue Kapua. It is the first time that an external Wahine Māori has been in this role. The group provides a safe space for Māori, Pasifika and ethnic women to come together, share, network and responds to a real need. Panel speakers will also be invited to share their journey. There will be opportunities to share events in the future.

(From Adele) Adele looks after women’s development and acts as a conduit between governance and districts. They reformed a governance group and appointed Prue Kapua as external Chair. The governance group was redesigned in line with D and I. Focus is on district and service centre leadership, fair selection of recruitment of constabulary staff. Also hope to develop mid-career women, project to look at mentoring to avoid current trends continuing. Focus on ‘fixing the system and not women’.

Te Ara Poutama Department of Corrections – Rebecca Schasching will be stepping back as a rep and Mahana will be taking over. The coffee networking event was successful. The network refreshed their ToR. They also worked to identify 40 employee-led networks internally at Corrections. Keen to open up the conversation around (and support for) women experiencing menopause. Resources are:

HUD – (from Emma McCone) The network now has new reps and has restarted work. Sarah O’Connor spoke about the session on menopause where few male colleagues came in. Will focus on having a few panels later in the year, with a focus on women’s health issues and workplace policies.

LINZ – Brittany informed the group that they had organised an IWD breakfast event with male colleagues attending and a catchup over social drinks. They are also reorganising so providing space, looking up ToR to reflect D&I. Hope to partner with Stats for women in technical field, get CE and DCE to talk about women pursuing careers in technical fields. Also looking to partner with more Māori and Pasifika women’s networks.

Ministry of Education – Leya said that due to changes in leadership, the network was in hibernation mode and they were trying to restart. They had conducted a survey to find out interest and will use the results next year and when redesigning the committee. The Auckland committee is very active. They are also seeking ways to get regional involvement in the Wellington national committees.

MSD – Erin said that the network was currently in hibernation and were also trying to restart the network. They were planning to organise joint events with Pasifika network and PAPSN. A virtual session with Kayla Corban is being planned for August. Menopause had also come up as a topic.

Fire and Emergency – Rachael said that she works with women’s forums nationally. Of the 15000 national workforce, women are approx. 6 % of employees and 20% of volunteers. Working on pregnancy guidelines and menopause work.

Ministry of Health – Eileen said that there was a new network and work on an informal coaching network. They are also working with OD team, and forming a parenting group to support parents transitioning back to work.

MFE – Jacqueline said the network was focusing on gaining their gender tick and providing input into organisational policy. Have offered to share insights with other networks based on successes with flexible working and reducing gender gap.

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