Hosts: Auckland Government Women’s Network Te Aka Wāhine o Tāmaki

Venue: Online via Zoom

Date: 6 April 2022

Attendance: Approx. 50

Presenter: Angela Simmons, Wellbeing Consultant at chnnl


Angela took us through why sustainability can be a better approach to wellbeing. A timely session after the last two years we’ve all had and the fatigue that’s setting in.

With busy, demanding lives, it’s so easy to deprioritise leisure time or turn to quick fixes. The session was a reminder that looking after ourselves is also looking after others and it was great to learn about the tools that can help us do this habitually. See some key takeaways below or you can access Angela's presentation here.


Key takeaways

  • Some stress can be good as it helps us extend ourselves and step out of our comfort zone. But stress needs to be managed as it can become detrimental and lead to burnout.
  • Be strategic about your leisure time and activities. Write down how you feel before and after. Have you achieved the desired result?
  • Look at wellbeing as a system and practise self-forgiveness.
  • Remembering boundaries and that you don't need to be everything to everyone.


Feedback from attendees

I really appreciate these events. It's nice to have a good reason to take time out of your day to put me first. Thank you!

Thanks for sharing this opportunity with us, a great way to start the day.

The importance of purposefully planning around my values really resonated with me. Planning is underway! Thank you!

Thank you for all the hard work that goes into organising these!

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