GWN is working to achieve system-level change 

Nothing less is going to create the wide, deep and sustainable shift right through the public sector that we believe is required. We can do this by partnering with others and sharing solutions.

What about individual women and groups that need help?

Because the system-fix will take time, women like everyone else may need help navigating their career pathways, pipelines and pitfalls right now. Colleagues, managers and agency groups are best placed to provide support.

GWN will provide insight, back up, and best practice where we can.

How GWN helps

Gender diversity makes sense on every level

Agencies want to be good employers. And they want to deliver their services in a diverse, inclusive and sustainable way. But they often don't know how or where to start. It isn't easy to move from the way things have always been done to the way they should be done, especially when baselines are shrinking.

Women want their agencies to:

  • close the gender pay gap
  • provide more leadership and development opportunities
  • establish visible and flexible career pathways
  • neutralise the effect of caring responsibilities on careers
  • share women's many and varied success stories at all levels.

GWN can help public sector women to achieve their potential. We are positioned to be an agent for change and a collective voice. We partner with others to offer insights, skills and best practice.

A PDF of GWN's 2020-2025 priorities is available for download. You can find more documents related to GWN's strategy, plan and outcomes framework on our resources page.