These documents provide some background information for the establishment of GWN and insight into GWN's plan and performance.


GWN information and strategy

GWN Annual Report 2022 [5.97mb, PDF]

GWN Strategy 2020-2025 [486kb PDF], accessible version here

Video of GWN's 2020-2025 Strategy launch [YouTube channel]

Four-monthly report, Jul-Oct 2019 [318kb, PDF]

GWN Progress Report: Jan-Apr 2020 [973kb PDF]

GWN Progress Report: May-Oct 2020 [315kb PDF]

GWN & ELNs Progress Report: Nov 2020-May 2021 [1.4mb PDF]

GWN FAQs [139kb PDF]

Network Reps: roles and responsibilities [347kb PDF]

GWN Programme Director job description [60kb Word file]

'An introduction to Government Women's Network' brochure (DL layout) [517kb PDF]

Results of the GWN survey 2017 [474kb PDF]

Snapshot of the GWN survey 2019

Results of the GWN survey 2019 (full report) [730kb PDF]


Auckland GWN Te Aka Wāhine o Tāmaki

Auckland GWN: Te Hā o Hineahuone - Te Aka Wāhine o Tāmaki Māori and Pacific Strategy Action Plans [609kb PDF]

AGWN Action Plan 2022 [608kb PDF]

Auckland GWN: Role description for Māori portfolio holder [148kb PDF]

Auckland GWN: EOI form for Māori Advisor role [82kb Word file]

Auckland GWN Te Aka Wāhine o Tāmaki Action Plan 2020 [193kb PDF]

Auckland GWN 2019 high level plan [397kb PDF]

Auckland GWN 2018 year in review [661kb PDF]


Southern GWN Te Aka Wāhine o Te Waipounamu

Southern GWN 2018 year in review [1.6mb PDF]


Events and milestone dates

GWN's Matariki Wāhine Whetū 2019 list [260kb PDF]

Te Wiki o te Reo Māori, Māori Language Week graphics

Wahine Toastrong, brave woman [103kb JPG]

Ōritetangaequality, equal opportunity [102kb JPG]

Whakawhāiti inclusion, involvment [94kb JPG]

Manaakitangarespect, generosity and care for others [99kb JPG]

Pāhekohekoconnection, relationship, interaction [105kb JPG]

Download the whole set [420kb ZIP]

GWN Suffrage Day 2019 – 1st in the world graphic [Small-screen, 94kb JPG; Med-screen, 870kb JPG; Large-print, 1.36mb PDF]

Suffrage Day 2019 video message from GWN's Sponsor, Naomi Ferguson

GWN Suffrage Day 2020 – Women making their mark graphic [Screen size, 541kb; Print-A3 size, 2.3mb]

GWN 2020 Events Snapshot [64kb, PDF, issued Feb 2020]

GWN's Key Dates for 2020 [92kb, PDF]

Southern GWN: Remembering the mosque attacks

GWN's Matariki Wāhine Whetū-Rising Stars 2020 list [363kb PDF]

GWN Suffrage Day 2021 – Who will be the next Meri or Kate? graphic [Screen size, 550kb JPG; Print-A3 size, 2.9mb PDF]



Regional stories and profiles

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Visit Southern GWN's Stories & Profiles blog