Network representatives 

Network reps are the link between their organisation/agency and GWN

Our reps keep GWN visible to their agency's people and leaders. They also ensure that their network participates in GWN dialogue and action and keeps GWN updated on the network's activities. The network reps can also provide other feedback to GWN that may need to be shared with or followed by other GWN groups or agencies such as Te Kawa Mataaho Public Service Commission or Ministry for Women.

Women's networks within agencies 

Agency networks are the bedrock of GWN and provide women in the public sector and their supporters information, resources, and events.

These may cover topics such as:

  • leadership
  • professional development
  • skills development
  • mentoring and sponsoring information
  • career journeys
  • networking opportunities.
  • any other areas of interest to the women that may be reflective of their operating environment, nature of their work, other issues relevant to the public sector.

Networks can be formal or informal but are always volunteer and employee-led with their own self-determined arrangements for 'management'. Some networks may have some funding support from their agencies.

Networks can work independently or together on initaitives/events to pool resources/efforts. Sharing resources between networks is encouraged to avoid wastage and unnecessary duplication.

GWN's support

  • Support all women's networks (whether they are at 'start up' or 'very mature' phase) and all women in government to achieve their potential nationally and in their regions
  • Develop and share information, resources, knowledge, and inspiration and promote events that can help women to achieve their potential nationally and in their regions
  • Respond to requests for information or assistance from networks or agencies e.g. input on a draft documents
  • Use feedback from women's networks to identify what actions can be taken and liaise with the relevant networks/agencies for information and advice
  • Partner with the Women in Public Sector Summit.