Speaker: Marg Foster

Host: Southern GWN

Venue: Turanga, Christchurch Public Library

Date: 7 July, 2021

Attendance: 40


Former Silver Fern, Netball Coach, and Director of Motivationz, Marg Foster, took SGWN members on a journey from ordinary to extraordinary.

The fun hour-long session had everyone engaged from the outset. Group activities helped the women let go of the morning’s work and be ready to embrace the knowledge and experiences of this great motivator. Marg shared her story of adoption; her drive to succeed at sport and life; and on coping with a diagnosis of breast cancer. Life’s roller coaster can be fun if each person faces their barriers and creates opportunities from them.

Key messages 

  • Remember the FoF principle: have Faith over Fear – expect a positive outcome over a negative one
  • Master the moment and embrace the day
  • Back yourself – accept you for who you are
  • Learn to receive from others and have gratitude
  • Live authentically, be yourself, be confident
  • Love what you do, do what you love
  • Think of your brain as a garden filled with flowers and weeds: when you have negative thoughts, weed them out and retain the positive thoughts (flowers)
  • When you’re feeling down lift your head and look straight up. It is physiologically impossible to be negative when looking up.

Feedback/takeaways from attendees

"Loved Margies outlook on life given everything she has been through, she was a complete inspiration."

"Margie was fantastic!"

"Connection is important. Attitude is key. Hope is fundamental."

"I will try really hard to schedule one thing for myself each week, whether it's just to read a book for an hour or a pamper treatment. I need to get more balance in my life."

"Use others to bring a different perspective to help you shift your thinking."

Recommended reading

Silver Linings by Marg Foster
The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie MacKenzie


Marg Foster speaking at the podium
SGWN Committee Members standing in front of SGWN banner
Attendees standing in circle for group activity
Jennie Farrar de Wagt addressing attendees


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