Speaker: John Eatwell

Host: SGWN

Venue: Environment Canterbury Building, Christchurch City

Date: 27 February, 2019

Attendance: 65


A great start to our Workshop Series with an engaging presentation from HR Specialist and Psychologist John Eatwell.

John gave the audience a good overview on “Looking After Yourself for Happiness, Effectiveness and Balance”. This included a small delve into the science behind how the brain and body works. There was some fun discussion around both the physical and psychological benefits of looking after yourself and some very practical and doable tips and tricks to achieve this. All attendees were given a resource names “Three Good Things” and encouraged to keep using this for at least two weeks until Workshop Two.


Workshop 1-attendance
Workshop 1-SGWN speaker


Key messages

  • Look after yourself physically and psychologically – both need attention and time
  • Be active, eat well, enough sleep, sunshine and hydration are just as important as self-compassion and appreciation
  • Above all else, giving – whether it be time, love, money, help or assistance – is what will bring you the greatest happiness.

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