Speaker: Naomi Ferguson

Host: Southern GWN

Venue: Justice Precinct, Lichfield Street

Date: 18th September 2020

Attendance: 15

Southern GWN hosted a special Suffrage Day breakfast on 18th September for our past and present committee members and supporters. 

Our special guest was GWN Sponsor and Inland Revenue Commissioner, Naomi Ferguson, who spoke about the challenges of project managing the 1893 campaign without modern technology, and about challenging ourselves and our work environments to support and invite women - particularly in middle-management. Following the breakfast, many of the attendees walked down to the National Suffrage Memorial (Kate Sheppard Memorial) on Oxford Terrace for a photo opportunity and chat.  

The buzz from attendees was very positive:  

“What resonated for me was Naomi’s understanding of how women often do not feel like they can put themselves forward for a role when a male colleague with similar qualifications will just go for it. As a senior manager herself, she has obviously forged her own career pathway, but it’s reassuring to know that she understands what often holds other women back from following the same path.” 

“I felt like she was there to lead, encourage and motivate us, and I enjoyed meeting and chatting to her afterwards. I’ll look forward to meeting her again.” 

“Her comment that women don’t bother applying for a job if they don’t feel qualified enough, but men apply for a job regardless was interesting. This gives me confidence to apply for jobs where perhaps I am not qualified enough but feel if given the opportunity, I can excel.”

Attendees standing at the National Suffrage Memorial.

Jen Leahy with camellias at the breakfast.

Chris O’Brien Smith, Naomi Ferguson, Jennie Farrar-de Wagt, Heather Milne


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