Speakers: Natalie Hardaker (ACC) & Christine Gill (Bone Health NZ)

Hosts: ACC & Ministry of Justice women's networks

Venue: Ministry of Justice

Date: 14 October, 2019

Attendance: approx. 50

GWN was delighted to attend this informative event on bone health for women hosted by ACC and the Ministry of Justice's women's networks.

Bone Health NZ statistics show that women can be more at risk for poor bone health as they lose the protective effect of oestrogen at menopause and begin to experience rapid bone loss. MOJ and ACC collaborated to offer this seminar to encourage public sector women to take a proactive approach to looking after their bone health and minimising fracture risk.  


Presentation topics

  • How often do you consider your bones as part of your overall health?
  • What to do now to ensure that your bone mineral density does not affect you at age 65
  • 80% refractures happen within a year
  • Online app for personal fracture risk calculator.


Key takeaways

  • 206 bones in the body and the whole skeleton is replaced every 8-10 years.
  • Menopause affects the oestrogen production which is mandatory for bone repair & strengthening
  • Any menstrual ailment is the body’s signal that there is a problem with the bones.
  • A healthy, balanced diet of the three food groups is essential for healthy bones
  • Ideal BMI is 20-25kg/m2
  • Exercises to strengthen bone structure (in order of best practice): skip jumping, walking, tennis and dancing.

 Sofaia Kolinisau (GWN), Natalie Hardaker (ACC) and Christine Gill (Bone Health NZ)

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