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A gateway for opportunities

Dozens of New Zealand government agencies have networks that are created and led by their employees… and now you can find them all in one place:

The Employee Led Networks site acts as a portal where interested employees can get basic information about the networks that are available in agencies, locations and areas of interest. You can also find resources, events of interest to different networks, and contact information. Networks allow you to connect with like-minded people across the public service and contribute to or learn about the work that they do.

The site is supported by government agency Chief Executives, who want to ensure that the public sector workforce reflects all facets of our diversity – gender, age, disability, life stage, ethnicity, thinking, religion, lifestyle, and working culture – to create truly inclusive workplaces.

It’s a two-way street

Opportunities for networks exist at all levels. Managers can engage with networks as a resource. Networks can provide an employee voice/perspective for managers. This two-way dialogue is important for shaping our organisational cultures, policies and practices, and educating each other about issues and opportunities.

Join, list or set up your network

If you’re keen to get involved, check the website to see if there’s a network you’re interested in joining. If one doesn’t exist yet, you can find resources to help you set a new network up.

Once your network is ready to list, use the ‘Add a network, event or resource’ link to get started adding your information to the site.


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What's GWN's role?

As an established cross-agency public sector network, Government Women’s Network has led the development of the website in consultation with other network representatives. We've worked closely with a small cross-agency project team to help guide the development, with special thanks to the digital team at the Ministry of Education for providing expertise to get the website up and running.

For more information about the Employee Led Network site and GWN's contribution, please get in touch.

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