With the release of the latest progress report on eliminating the gender pay gap in the public sector, the Gender Pay Gap and Pay Equity Taskforce has provided a view in the successes and remaining challenges to achieve gender pay equity in New Zealand's public sector.

The report outlines the achievements made against the Action Plan's stated goals and milestones for eliminating the gender pay gap, implementing flexible-work-by-default policies, removing bias and discrimiation and achieving gender-balanced leadership.

Implementing the Action Plan has relied on a sustained effort and collaboration by agencies, employees and unions. Safeguarding the gains made so far and continuing to progress will depend on agencies continuing to prioritise this work.

The Action Plan aims for the Public Service to model behaviours that can be normalised by employers in the State and private sectors. 

You can get more information and download a copy of the report from the State Services Commission website.

The Action Plan shows what can be done when gender equity is a priority, and when leaders, managers, employees, and unions collaborate on common goals.

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