The GWN programme team warmly acknowledges and thanks Anne Marie Taggart for her contribution to GWN.  

Throughout her career, Anne Marie has been a proud supporter of gender equality, going as far back as her first role for the Finance Sector Union in Western Australia as the “Women’s Officer” for the organisation and their membership. Later, with Customs, she worked hard to ensure that diversity and inclusion was firmly on the Senior Leadership Team’s agenda – with a particular focus on increasing the participation of women in leadership roles.

Anne Marie has been recognised for her work by Diversity Works (EEO Trust) being named a finalist in both the ‘Walk the Talk’ award category and as part of the Customs nomination in the ‘Empowerment’ category. Most importantly for GWN, she has championed this important mahi across the public sector as a member of GWN’s governance groups.

Anne Marie's participation with GWN's governance began in 2016 with her selection for the GWN Governance Group. Her availability to the GWN programme team and other Committee members during her tenure has been invaluable. She has provided advice, guidance and feedback throughout her years with GWN and her experience with and her insight of the gender equality landscape across the sector has been important to seeing GWN not only survive but thrive in its first five years.

Haere ra, Anne Marie, and thank you for your generous contribution to GWN's work.

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