Host: Te Aka Wāhine o Tāmaki Auckland GWN

Venue: Online

Date: 26 August 2021

Attendance: Approx. 55

Facilitators: Jo Hacking, Laura Searancke and Kim Egerton


This interactive session saw the group work together to form strategies on how to stay focused and positive through the ups and downs of navigating career progression.

A big part of this event was making connections in the break out rooms. Jo Hacking set the tone early by sharing some of the setbacks she has experienced in her career and how they affected her. It's easy to slip into thinking that no one else struggles so it was amazing to share the load a bit and strategise together on how to push through. 


Key takeaways

  • Useful tools and models that illustrate how we process change, disappointment and the importance of feeling safe: Flourish PERMA, Bridges Transition and Psychological Safety Model
  • The importance of normalising failure and using it to learn and therefore advance
  • The concept and necessity of psychological safety for you and your team
  • Understanding that you are not the only one who experiences feelings of failure or not being good enough
  • How to be more aware of colleagues and their psychological safety
  • Applying the stages of grief to a workplace context and how important it is to take the time to grieve the loss of a job or promotion
  • Career progression is not a ladder, it’s a jungle gym


Attendee feedback

"It was very powerful when Jo shared her experiences and the difficulties she's faced when applying for positions."

"The group sessions where we heard other people’s stories were fantastic."

"I have shared a number of things with my team including the concept of 'psychological safety' which I'd not heard of before. Thanks!"

"An inspiring and helpful event."

"The honesty and vulnerability of Jo’s opening story really struck me and set up the whole experience to be really valuable for me."

"Thanks for putting on a relevant, valuable event."



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