Speaker: Elizabeth McNaughton from Hummingly

Host: GWN

Venue: In-person and online

Date: 23 April and 10 June, 2021 


GWN was delighted to host Elizabeth McNaughton from Hummingly for an in-person seminar in April and a virtual interactive seminar in June on Wellbeing and Performance Under Pressure.

Elizabeth has an incredible wealth of government and NGO leadership experience in Aotearoa and internationally in disaster recovery and supporting people and communities through disasters. Elizabeth is currently a Director of Hummingly, and focuses on creating easy to use tools to help individuals, communities and workplaces thrive during difficult times.

In both sessions, Elizabeth talked us through practical and insightful ways to help enhance our wellbeing and perform to the best of our ability under pressure. Participants used Hummingly’s ‘Pandemic Pack’: a set of helpful, practical cards with tips to help people deal with disruption.

Elizabeth generously shared her wisdom about how to use these cards during difficult times by reflecting and choosing cards that resonated most with your experience. Elizabeth then challenged attendees to reflect and ask themselves some key questions to ensure they’re filling their ‘tanks’ to be able to effectively deal with what’s on the horizon.

Key takeaways

  • Growth is not only possible, it is likely. During tough times, even if it’s hard to see it at the time, challenges very often help us to grow so long as we allow ourselves time to think, reflect and rest.
  • Are you a martyr or a professional? Are we working in a way that’s sustainable long term? We lead others to the place we are now at. We need to pay attention to ourselves, to ‘fill our own tank’, keep ourselves in a good space so that we can continue to lead others in a positive direction – towards calm, not our own chaos.
  • Use anchoring questions to help you in times of crisis:
    Where are you at and where are you leading others to?
    Am I jumping to judgement/conflict/the wrong fix rather than understanding?
    What do I value most in life/what do I need to protect? Is this reflected in my calendar, my to-do list and my every day?
    Have you got enough in your tank for the next thing? Are you prepared for what may be on the horizon?


GWN Director Carin Sundstedt introduces Elizabeth
Examples of cards from the 'Doing well' pack
An attendees shows off the wellbeing cards she's chosen
Participants interact with each other to compare and swap cards
The session was interactive with attendees taking notes and considering actions
Some afternoon kai was provided for networking with attendees after the event


Resources: Preparecenter.org and Supporting the supporters

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