Auckland Customs Women's Network (ACWN) was launched on 29 May, 2019. 

Over 60 members of Customs staff – men and women – enjoyed speakers on wellbeing and reflections on how far Customs has come since the first female officers started working shifts at Auckland Airport in 1973.

The longest serving female Customs officer – with 45 years’ service – was also presented with the first ACWN award.

Two short videos on women's perspectives were shown at the launch: Serena Williams embracing the right kind of crazy in a Nike ad and Mamamia’s take on what it would look like if a man lived like a woman for a day.

Congratulations from AGWN and all of the GWN team to the Auckland Customs’ Women’s Network. We look forward to ACWN's future contributions to helping Customs women achieve their potential.

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