The Government Women’s Network is drafting a report on parental leave support which will be informed in part by a survey to GWN members.

We would appreciate if you take 15 minutes to complete a survey which asks questions about your experience with parental leave support at your agency. Further information about the report and how the information will be used is provided below. If you have any questions about the report or the survey please feel free to email us.


The report will:

  • Outline the legislative obligations placed on agencies in regards to parental leave and employee entitlements
  • Highlight any policies and procedures in existence at agencies that relate to parental leave and support provided to parents returning to work following the arrival of a child to their family
  • Provide a summary of the experience of employees who are returning to work following the arrival of a child to their family


The purpose of this project is to highlight what is happening across government regarding support and information provided to those employees who are undertaking parental leave and returning to work. The objective is to provide an outline for agencies about what is happening across government so they can replicate what is working and examine whether there are improvements they can make to support their employees. The incentive for agencies is to demonstrate that the wellbeing of their employees is a priority and that they have mechanisms of support in place for employees who take time away from their workplace to care for a dependent child.

We propose to inform the report through two sources of information:

  • An Official Information Act request to agencies for information about their policies and procedures
  • A survey of GWN members about their experiences leaving and returning to their workplace following the arrival of a child in their family.


Thank you for your contribution to this valuable Kaupapa.

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